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CHRISTTINE is a New York family-run company fully committed to using only the finest ingredients organic, natural, non-GMO and kosher, in the products we produce. We have gone to tremendous lengths to ensure the strict quality of our ingredients and this adherence to excellence is what creates our superior taste.

Here at CHRISTTINE, we love to develop authentic products to bring to market. We craft Authentic Premium Alfajores, Cookies and our own Dulce de Leche. But our mission remains the same; to provide you with delicious food you are always proud to share.

CHRISTTINE'S factory is located in the lovely village of Buchanan, on the eastern bank of the historic Hudson River at 3199 Albany Post Road.

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Meet the founder

I was born into a family of bakers in Punta del Este, Uruguay. My grandfather's delicious recipes and secret techniques were passed down to my father, who in turn passed them on to me. It was in the family bakery that, as a child, I first experienced the magical transformation that takes place when a few simple ingredients (treated with great love and care) can turn into delicacies that bring entire communities together. My family's bakery was more than just a quick stop. Intrinsic to our community, the bakery saw countless birthdays and weddings; it was a home for the cherished everyday moments between friends and family. I grew up knowing that the best tasting products contain not only the finest ingredients, but also the love and care that surrounds them.

After moving to New York City with my soon-to-be husband and having our first child, I began thinking of ways to pass on the magic I grew up with. My mission in founding CHRISTTINE is to create authentic products my grandfather and father would be proud of, and products you'll be proud to share with your family. I've gone through great lengths to ensure my products are organic, kosher, and always delicious. My expertise allows me to make many of my own ingredients, which not only guarantees consistently unparalleled taste, but also maintains the highest quality standards in the industry. 

CHRISTTINE is a family company founded on the principles I grew up with: great ingredients, with a lot of love and care, become staples of our communities and deliciously essential parts of our lives. 

                                                                                                     - Cristina

 Christtine LLC 

3199 Albany Post Road, Suite#220, Buchanan NY 10511