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A unique cultural concoction of crumbly shortbread cookie stuffed with dulce de leche. Many Latin countries have their twist; ours are via Spanish and Uruguayan hand-me-down recipes, and are smothered in chocolate for good measure.


South America’s “alpha” cookie is the King of your Coffee Break!

It comes in a variety of flavors, topped with powdered sugar and sprinkled with crunchy coconut.

You’ll want to try all of these!  

Serve a combo plate to wow your guests:


  • Dark Chocolate Alfajor with Dulce de Leche filling  

  • White Chocolate Alfajor with Dulce de Leche filling with walnuts on top  

  • Traditional, buttery Shortbread Alfajor with Dulce de Leche filling  

  • Dark Chocolate Alfajor with Raspberry filling 

Dark  Chocolate Covered
Dulce de Leche Filled
Dark Chocolate Covered
Maizena and Coconut Covered
Dulce de Leche Filled
Maizena and Coconut Covered


When milk, sugar, and mama’s secret ingredients are warmed over a stovetop for several hours, and stirred with love, a magical transformation takes place. A rich, light brown confection results, sweet as caramel but not as sticky! Everyone takes credit for its invention because it’s so good! Layered into pies, smeared over cookies, stirred into coffee, or just swallowed by the spoonful (yes, go ahead), dulce de leche is the food of love. 

From the sweltering shores of the Caribbean to the furthest frozen reaches of Chile and Argentina, many Latin nations claim some relation to dulce de leche. The seemingly simple concoction of boiled milk and sugar has taken on many variations over the centuries—much as the Spanish language has been twisted and turned like taffy since arriving from Spain. 



Our buttery cookies are so tasty that they stand alone! Served with milk, coffee, or dipped in hot chocolate or dulce de leche, there’s no wrong way, or time of day, to enjoy them. You’ll run out of cookies before you run out of ways of making them disappear.  

Choose from two different flavors:  


For you choco-holics, there’s a tasty twosome of chocolate cookie smothered in Dark Chocolate: a heavenly pairing of distinct cocoa-infused flavors. Add a crispy crunch to your coffee.  

Our chewy, delectable Honey Oatmeal Cookies are chock-full of tart, savory raspberries. Many oatmeal cookies use raisins as filler but our locally-grown raspberries give these treats just a bit more zing!  

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