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Meet the Founder


Cristina Lopez Goldstein was born into baking. Her grandfather owned a pastry shop in Spain, and that tradition was passed onto her father on the New World shores of Uruguay. Starting in the capital of Montevideo, the “Grano de Oro” panaderia and its delicacies eventually expanded, winning over a discerning, international sweet-toothed audience at Punta del Este, Uruguay’s famed seaside playground known as the “Monaco of South America.”  

Partnering with her Argentine husband, Cristina brings the tradition of three generations from the banks of the Rio de la Plata to the banks of the Hudson River. Their combined family crests from Spain, emblazoned on the packaging, show that the culinary legacy is now proudly established on in its third continent, North America, conquering another nation’s tastebuds and the sophisticated palettes of hard-nosed New Yorkers.  

 The same attention to detail—from the small-batch jars of creamy dulce de leche to the hand-made alfajores, or “alpha-cookies,” filled with a variety of sweet jams, Cristina’s team uses the freshest locally sourced Hudson Valley ingredients (organic when possible) and a large helping of familial love to produce melt-in-your-mouth snacks which will delight any time of day.  

“Dulce de leche requires top-notch ingredients and constant supervision,” says Cristina. “You cannot over-cook or under-cook it.”  You can rest assured that she is watching over the production of each jar of dulce de leche and each batch of alfajores and cookies, knowing that her ancestors are proudly looking over her shoulder.  

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