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  • Cristina Goldstein

Who I am

I am a baker and pastry maker. It is in my bloodlines, from Spain to Uruguay, to New York, I’m carrying on the tradition of my Spanish abuelo (grandfather) and my papa, who ran pastelerias/panaderias in my native country. I feel like I had no choice; I was born with an apron tied around me and a lump of dough in my hands!

Every time I enter my kitchen, every time I roll out a fresh batch of alfajores or dip my stirring spoon into a simmering pot of milk that will soon magically turn into dulce de leche, I feel I am honoring my family—like their hands are kneading the dough and stirring the milk with me, guiding me to produce the most delicious snacks. I’m really proud to spread my family’s love with every package of Christtine’s cookies and every jar of dulce de leche.

Buen provecho!

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